Located in a boardroom of branch office of world leading life science companies Eppendorf and Medesa, is an installation of a contemporary designed stained glass artwork authored by renowned glass artist KarelVanura. This was a turnkey project delivered and co-authored by VITRAJ stained glass workshop. The project is very unique for its concept of sliding panels that function as a dividing screen between a large meeting room and other interior space of the office. This concept provides for a variety of visual configurations and is a great proof of turning an original artwork into a unique interior piece via stained glass making technique.

A four-piece figural stained glass design was authored in cooperation with glass artist professor KarelVanura. The figural composition can vary by sliding the individual panels. The degree of openness of the meeting room space can be adjusted dynamically.

Thanks to an enlightened investor, a very original piece of art was produced, while also delivering a new functional element into the interior.

A combination of opal pastel colored glass with decorative glass was chosen for this stained glass design. Such decorative glass contains fine bubbles, scratches and other surface structures, thereby restricting transparency and distorting your view. The resulting blur effect, when looking through the stained glass, brings a desired effect of shielding the interior of the boardroom elegantly from the rest of the office.

  • Material: sheet hand-blown glass and rolled table glass, lead profile
  • Technique: stained glass, details decorated by etching anf fusing
  • Dimensions: height 260 cm, length 420 cm

Technical Specifics

The entire stained glass consists of 16 sheets. Four plates are mounted on each of the four panels of a tempered safety glass. This concept allows the stained glass plates to create a very subtle structure. Each panel is only 18 mm thick. Two roller wheels ensure a smooth and comfortable handling of the entire screen.

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